The Team

  • Laurie Bryna

    Founder and CEO Laurie Bryna practices Individual, Couple and Family Therapy in Montreal, where she earned her B.A. in Psychology, B.S.W and M.S.W in Social Work, a Golden Key Honor Society Award for Academic Excellence, and multiple scholarships. Laurie founded the SDS Support Group for students with learning disabilities at Concordia University, and the Stress Management Project for social work students at ... Read Laurie's Bio

  • Dan Biegler

    Creative Director Dan Biegler is the President and Creative Director at DBdesign, a world-renowned communications and graphic design firm. Dan provides Moovjam with award winning communication and marketing materials that relate to and promote healthy living. From incredible out-of-the-box concepts and copy, to dynamic design, Dan’s materials appeal to kids and families through magazine and newspaper ads, brochur ... Read Dan's Bio

  • Dr. Maryssa Canuel

    Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Research Initiatives Dr. Canuel holds a PhD, and MBA, and is a Post Doctoral Fellow. As the recipient of an endowment from the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Dr. Maryssa Canuel had the opportunity to show her strength as a researcher in the field of anatomy and cell biology. Dr. Canuel obtained her PhD in cellular biology from McGill University. In more than 13 publications and book chapters, she has demonstra ... Read Maryssa's Bio

  • Dr. Osborne Abbey

    School Liaison and Spokesperson Dr. Abbey is a practiced entrepreneur and visionary leader with competence in business development and education design in B2B and B2C markets for private, non-profit, for profit, and public organizations. He presents high levels of expertise in human capital management, grant and RFP development, financial planning, program design and product development, marketing and PR, government relations, a ... Read Osborne's Bio

  • Donna Ratner

    Strategic Marketing and Communications Liaison Donna Ratner is the Co-Founder of Healthy Brands Collective, a co-op of healthy products that enhance the lifestyle of consumers seeking better nutrition through food. As a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Expert accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Columbia University Teachers College, Donna’s missi ... Read Donna's Bio

  • Donna Aziz

    Author / Blogger Donna is an educator with over 30 years of experience at the secondary and post-secondary level where she has been both innovator of various programs related to educational technology and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages.  In addition she is an entrepreneur and former President of her own company and Vice President of a highly successful Import-Export firm. She is also a senior partner ... Read Donna's Bio

  • Donda Combs

    Appreciation Strategist Donda Combs is a leading expert in utilizing appreciation for organizational health. As CAO, Chief Appreciation Officer, with Applied Appreciation™ she serves: Corporations, Non Profits, Educational Organizations.
Her role as an appreciation strategist involves creating an organizational blueprint for incorporating appreciation to maximize success, increase satisfaction ratings, extend tenures ... Read Donda's Bio


Scientific Board of Advisors

Dr. Larry Deeb — M.D. Pediatric Endocrynologist

Dr. Deeb is the Medical Director for the Diabetes Center at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, then President of the American Diabetes Association, Medicine and Science; then Chair of ADA’s Council on Diabetes in Youth and Chair of the Council on Public Health. Dr. Deeb is currently a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Florida; Clinical Professor of Behavioral and Social Medicine at Florida State University; and the current Chair of the International Diabetes Federation Committee. Dr. Deeb is also the Director of the Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes, and received the 2006 Frederick Clifton Moor Award from the Tallahassee Rotary Club – the highest honor bestowed upon its members.

Dr. Isabelle Huot — Nutritionist

Dr. Huot holds a Phd. in Clinical Nutrition, and is a strong advocate for the health of children and families. She is also a Consumer Reporter for TV Canal Argent and for Radio Canada and Radio Ottawa, and the television host of Salut Bonjour, and Tout Simplement Clodine.

Dr. Marielle Ledoux — Sports Nutritionist

Dr. Ledoux holds a Phd. in Clinical and Sports Nutrition. She is a Professor at the University of Montreal in the Faculty of Medicine and Nutrition, and a well known Author. Dr. Ledoux is one of Canada’s most influential women in professional sports and nutrition training.

Dr. Sarah Bouchard — Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Bouchard is a Gastroenterologist and Pediatric Surgeon at Sainte Justine Hospital. She is an anti-obesity specialist; and performs bariatric surgery on children that are obese and at risk.

Diane Decelles

Dianne is the Director of the Nutrition Department at Sainte Justine Hospital.

She manages resources, consults with children and families, and oversees the nutritional needs of children that have been admitted into the hospital.

Margaret Ann Smith — M.S.W

Margaret Ann is a pioneer in the social work profession, and a strong Child Advocate. Then Director of Pediatric Social Work at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Margaret Ann spent over 40 years formulating anti-poverty and children’s rights laws; founded and maintained multiple coalitions; and was part of the committee that founded Batshaw Youth Protection and Shawbridge Residential Facility. Margaret Ann was also a Professor at McGill School of Social Work, Assistant Professor at McGill Faculty of Pediatric Medicine, and she Chaired the International Congress for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, which was held in Montreal. Then member of the Executive of the International Society, Margaret Ann arranged for the sponsorship of the International Congress. She represented children on the Regional Board of Project Jeunesse Montrealais which fights poverty, and currently advises organizations that seek to improve the world for children and families.

Andy Nulman — C.E.O./Founder Just for Laughs

Andy Nulman, established Just For Laughs, the world’s largest humor event. He established policies that “guaranteed laughs or your money back,” set up guerrilla entertainment for people waiting in long ticket lines and conceived a series of epic press conferences where he attracted attention by launching a new religion, engaging journalists in Olympic-styled competitions and being reeled onto a cruise ship like a giant deep-sea fish.

Later, as the President and CMO of mobile internet pioneer Airbone Mobile, he brought life to staid industry conferences with storms of branded dollar bills, used stealthily-placed wire cutters to attract and intrigue future clients like Disney and HBO, and planted dozens of time bombed golfballs, most still waiting to explode.

Andy Nulman has been creating and leading major media projects for over three decades. Currently the President and CMO of Airborne Mobile, which he co-founded in 1999 with Garner Bornstein, he provides the company with the insight and creativity necessary to successfully strengthen brands like Maxim, Family Guy, the NFL and Taco Bell through the creation of innovative mobile content and applications. In 2006, Airborne was honored as North America’s 4th-Fastest Growing Tech Company in Deloitte’s Fast 500 ranking, one year after being sold to Japan’s Cybird Holdings for over $100 million. In 2008, he and Garner repurchased the company and are now the majority shareholders.

Prior to Airborne, Andy was best known for his 15-year tenure as CEO of Montreal’s renowned Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival, the world’s first and largest comedy event. From 1985 until 1999, he transformed it from a two-day show to a month-long cultural happening, attracting over 2 million visitors per year to see talent the likes of Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ray Romano and Adam Sandler, and created/ Executive Produced over 150 Festival TV shows, in a variety of languages, all over the world.

An acclaimed and thought-provoking public speaker/showman, motivating and challenging Fortune 500 companies the likes of GM, Eveready/Energizer, 3M and Wal-Mart. Other accomplishments include being named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” business leaders by the Financial Post in 1997, being voted one of the Top 100 Montrealers of the 20th Century by the Montreal Gazette in 2000, and being honored as a distinguished recipient of the McGill Management Achievement Award in 2004.

Jacques Aube — V.P. G.E.G.

Jacques Aubé is the Vice President of Gillette Entertainment Group. Through his visionary spirit and quality of work, he actively contributes to making Montréal one of the biggest destinations for cultural, sporting, and family entertainment.

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