Free Resources for Parents

Dear Parents,

There’s an information gap, and a general lack of understanding about the impact of child obesity on parents who may be overweight or obese themselves.

In Canada and the United States, these parents add up to over 65 million people, and the number is climbing. Health experts have found that women (moms) are hit the hardest by obesity, and by demands to improve the way their families are eating and exercising.

With a little bit of planning and communication, you and your children can enjoy Moovjam’s Lifestyle Program together. You will be setting a powerful example about the importance of healthy living, and creating memories of laughter and learning that will last a lifetime. Moovjam only takes 5 minutes of participation each day, but benefits of participating will last a lifetime. Do if for the health of it, but also for the fun of it.

The Resource Kit

Here is a Resource Kit that will help you get started. It contains materials that will guide and educate you and your children about the Moovjam Lifestyle Program and well-being in general.

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