The Program

The Moovjam Lifestyle Program

Moovjam is a brain science based lifestyle program that results in the development of a happier, healthier and more engaged wellness culture. Moovjam addresses two basic components essential to wellness: psychology and physiology. Moovjam’s uniqueness is tied to an integrated approach that primes healthy lifestyle choices through the use of neuroscientifically-proven techniques. These techniques are integrated into the Moovjam healthy living and tracking module, which encourages users to reflect on issues tied to proper nutrition, physical activity levels, as well as awareness of self and interaction with others. Given the complexity of wellness, it cannot be achieved solely through diets or workout programs; nor can it be independently attained through wishful thinking. Moovjam’s integrated pathway addresses wellness in a flexible, personalized, and professionally-supported manner.

Program Modules:

  • Brain Science Model: Moovjam’s program is based on the scientifically proven theory of neuroplasticity. Our revolutionary brain science based model primes and trains the brain to make healthy choices, and then reinforces those choices with personalized cognitive-behavioral training and ongoing professional support.
  • Healthy Living and Tracking: Moovjam’s Healthy Living and Tracking module enables participants to track their nutritional intake, activity levels, emotions, social interactions and lifestyle tendencies. Analysis and feedback are provided instantly.
  • Expert Support: Neuroscientists, Medical Experts and Life-coaches consult live and in real-time, on an ongoing basis.
  • Grand Events: Moovjam events bring program participants together each year to celebrate healthy living achievements and to generate awareness about obesity and its risks. There are interactive sports activities, celebrity concerts, food shows, award ceremonies, medical screening clinics and activities with the media.
  • Playground games and activities: Moovjam playgrounds™ supplement the Moovjam Lifestyle Program in schools by increasing the levels of school-based physical activity and play during recess, early morning and after school.
  • Moovjam Snacks: Moovjam snacks supplement the Moovjam Lifestyle Program in schools and corporate environments. Provided twice daily, these nutritionally dense snack products stabilize blood glucose levels and allow consumers to experience the benefits of regular, healthy snacking.
  • Research and Optimal Performance Metrics: Moovjam’s Healthy Living and Tracking module allows for real-time systematic evaluation and improvement of participant engagement and wellbeing, at the individual and organizational level. This data is an important resource in the reversal of obesity, and the continued refinement of our lifestyle program.

The Moovjam Mission

Moovjam’s mission is to instill a new attitude that optimizes health, happiness and performance among people of all ages.

The Moovjam Vision

We see people of all ages having access to an integrative and interactive brain science based lifestyle program that empowers them to optimize their health and productivity, and eradicate obesity while they prevent, intervene and reverse unhealthy habits and disease.

The Moovjam Approach

Enlist every individual and organization in the R.A.C.E. – This Generations Greatest Public Health Challenge.

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Augment Personal and Corporate Productivity
  • Create a Sense of Wellbeing
  • Eradicate Obesity

R.A.C.E. is the central theme that drives Moovjam’s brain science based lifestyle program. The use of brain training to prime and reinforce healthy and productive behavior is revolutionary and unique to Moovjam’s program, and our approach integrates the brain sciences to prevent, to intervene, and to manage unhealthy habits and disease, thereby reducing healthcare costs, augmenting personal and corporate productivity, creating a sense of wellbeing, and eradicating obesity.

Global Applications

Designed for scalability and a high degree of flexibility, Moovjam’s Lifestyle Program will accommodate an unlimited number of participants and organizations around the world. In addition, with its strong emphasis on behavioral economics, the program can be used to measure, research, and manage individual and organizational health and performance problems that vary from one geographical location to another.

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